Psychotherapy is an invitation to pause and reflect on what is important to you. It offers a safe and protected space for you to hear and experience yourself in a way that can lead to more self-acceptance, awareness and choice. As your therapist, I will hold and guard this space for you. I will listen to you with warmth, empathy and curiosity, and encourage you to find affirmation in your own voice and solutions.

Psychodynamic therapy recognises contradictions, errors, repetitions, inner conflicts and feelings of ambivalence as inevitable experiences of human existence. They are deserving of our attention as they can point us to unconscious wishes and beliefs. As your therapist, I will listen out for specific elements in your speech that might hold such potential for you. My listening will be respectful of your unique subjectivity and gently trace your particularities as they emerge in your own pace.

I work in English and German.