Psychotherapy is an invitation to pause and reflect on what is important to you. It provides a safe and confidential space for you to hear and experience yourself in a way that can lead to more self-acceptance, insight and choice. As your therapist, I will be fully committed to making this space useful to you. I will listen to you with warmth and curiosity, and bring in my professional experience in a way that will support you in creating your own solutions.

Psychodynamic & psychoanalytic psychotherapy can help us understand your current situation by recognising contradictions, errors, repetitions, ambivalence and inner conflicts as inevitable variables in life. They are deserving of our attention as they can point us to unconscious beliefs and wishes. As your therapist, I will listen out for elements in your speech that might hold such potential for you. My listening will be respectful of your subjectivity and allow for a gentle tracing of your particularities as they emerge in your own pace.

My working languages are English and German. I understand/speak Mandarin to a limited degree.